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Hi, my name is John and I'm new to this particular forum. I recently purchased an E-300 with the dual lenses package. I have since loaded the 1.3 firmware for the camera body. Last month, my wife gave me the FL-36 flash for Christmas. My main purpose for this camera is to take full length portrait photos of costumers at various Japanese anime and science fiction conventions. This is done as I wander about the halls, attending various panels, etc. As such, the photos are taken with hand-held equipment. Setting up a studio environment for these type photos is not practical.

So, that being the case, I'm really excited about the concept of the dual flash configuration on the E-300, using the external flash to bounce light off the ceiling and the built-in flash for fill. However, I can not get it to work consistently. Testing at home, with an 8 foot ceiling, I can get solid, consistent auto-exposed photos every time. However, during field tests at the local mall with a 20 foot ceiling, I sometimes get correctly exposed photos and sometimes (with the same settings, same subject) get massively overexposed photos. The flash, as per the instructions, is set to TTL Auto, but the results are pretty much the same no matter which setting I use.

Has anyone else tried this dual flash configuration? Any ideas that would let me use the auto-exposure settings?

BTW, if you are curious, you can see some examples of these 'cosplay' photos here: http://phoenixanime.com/awa05/index.htm
(These photos were taken with the E-300 using the built-in flash only).

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With a 20-foot ceiling, that's a 40-ft+ flash distance, so you're really pushing the limits of the FL-36; I would rather try using a Stofen or some other kind of on-flash diffuser under those conditions.
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Here's a good example of how the process is done, but as Norm says, the ceiling can't be so high that the combined flash distance is beyond the FL-36's distance limit. In reality, the way the light scatters when it hits a ceiling, the overall distance is probably less than the stated amount if not bounced. As the ceilings get higher you can raise the ISO to gain some extra distance coverage.

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