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Default Is this a valid way to handle expensive lenses?

IMO, he's the assistant of a photographer in the stadium somewhere... I mean come on! Dude, that has to be several thousand dollars there in the grass... jeesh! I will gladly take that away from you and give you my 70-300mm... sigh.

I took this today at the IAAF Junior World Championships in Moncton, NB, Canada... should be posting pictures of the event later tomorrow.

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where else should it be? better than it being on concrete...
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Well it is on grass, so it not that bad, but pro gear is pretty durable. I seen what some pros put their gear through, and this is minor.
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In almost every case with that type equipment you see media types using....it ain't their's and most of it looks like it. If it breaks, the company will just issue them another one.
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First thing I noticed is how flimsy the monopod looks. My last section looks about the size of the one his hand is resting on. Not a Canon guy, but its at least a 400 f2.8 and that weighs more than mine by a fair margin.

One thing I have noticed about big glass is if your going to do ANYTHING other than handle the lens, you must put it down. I'm not saying he's really doing anything, but in many ways the lens is in its safest position. It cannot fall any farther. If I walk away from my very stable tripod for anything more than a few seconds, I dismount the camera and put it on the ground. A 10 pound camera/lens will have alot of kinetic energy falling from four or five feet and will not survive without damage.

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