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HarjTT Jul 27, 2008 2:00 PM

Hi Guys

My E3 for the last two days has after taking approx 100 shots in RAW+LJpegs reverts to jpeg only. I noticed it yetserday but thought I must have switched it over but its happened again today and I know that I didn;t change from one mode to another. Has any one else noticed this ? Or am I just being stubby fingered ?!!



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OCD Jul 28, 2008 3:41 AM

What size card are you using?

I 'think' it happened to me because one day I put in my small 1gig backup CFcard while shooting RAW and Super Fine JPEG and eventually used that up as well.When I got home I found that the last twenty or so pictures were only recorded in JPEG. I first thought like you I had hit the wrong button, but then wondered if as the card gets near full the camera resorts to some sort of emergency mode and dumps the high mb file based on the predictive nature of how many images are left to take? Just an idea, but I haven't noticed it again because I hardly ever need to record both.


HarjTT Jul 28, 2008 9:19 AM

Hi Steve

I'm using a fairly new San disk 4GB Extereme III (its the newer higher speed version) and its happened at the same point - just over 1.7Gb of files on the card and then everythign esle after is jpeg. Now at the Motor show on Saturday I know I had set the cam to RAW+Jpeg and didn't change it at all but just assumed I must have done so but yesterdays was just weird when it did the same thing. I've never had the same problem with the older 4GB Extereme III card at all so I'm wondering if its to do with the new card and faster speed.?

On another note, i've noticed pics from the 35-100f2 are not as sharp as they used to be - first noticed this on a few shots last month even with high shutter speeds they definitely don;t have that look or sharpness at all whether at 35 or 100. I'm going to try and shoot some test shots to see whether its just me or the E3 and the lens.



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