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fldspringer Oct 24, 2009 6:13 PM

Welcome to my 7-14 insanity.
(if there is an ad, I don't endorse it.)

Thoughts on the lens in the following post...

fldspringer Oct 24, 2009 6:25 PM

Thoughts from my first day.
First, the size. Some complain about the size, but it fits the E-3 great. I liked the handling. I guess when you take ino account that it has an effective aperture of less than 2mm, it is really big! Anyway I'm not complaining.

Build is VERY solid, but the BIG glass element is just sittting there, and it IS possible to bump into things when concentrating on the viewfinder composition. Filters are a no-go. Lens cap just slides over the lens hood and the hood is built onto the lens. In my world, that cap needs to stay on to keep the lens coatings from damage.

Hyperfocal distance is less that 3 ft when wise open at 7mm. I'm really not used to numbers like that!

Pics will follow.

Greg (The northern one)

fldspringer Oct 24, 2009 6:46 PM

My story w/ pics.
First, I'm no expert with this lens. Its my first day with it and I'm NOT used to what I'm seeing in the viewfinder. I think I left the thing on f5.6, figuring I shouldn't get into too much trouble with that. I left the telephoto stuff at home and just fit the field with the E-3/7-14 combo and three dog ready to burn off energy.

We're past peak, but still have fome fall colors. With the 7-14, you need to be close to get the pics.

Up was an interesting direction for me. Kinda fun.

This is in the parking lot at 9mm. I couldn't use 7mm here because the dog's rump is almost touching the car.

A crop of the sign. I think I broke the rule on bullet point two. I think I found a loophole, however, as my dogs are ALWAYS hunting. I also think you'd agree Oly shots are non-toxic.

My old boy Rev at 7mm. The water behind him is 7 or 8 ft away from me.

More in next post.


fldspringer Oct 24, 2009 7:16 PM

Had enough yet? Bummer, I got more!
You don't even have to try to get flare. It the front element is in the sunshine, you get flare.

I'll give a crop of the lower right corner. This is how corner resolution stands up at 7mm.

I've been thinking what would bee cool to shoot when the lens arrived. I thought Sumac would make a neat pic. It will take some getting used to. This wasn't what I thought it would be. At 7mm.

At 14mm. I needed better focus and more DOF.

My boy Rum at 14mm. How do you chop the legs off with a 7-14???

My three. I made 'em sit for a couple seconds so I could see how the look at 7mm.

Finally, there was this guy that kept trying to get into my pics. I kept trying to re-compose to get him out of them. Just to keep him happy, I took one pic of him at 14mm.


boBBrennan Oct 25, 2009 7:52 PM

Rev @ 7mm & "3 of'em" are very nice photos. I can't imagine working a 7-14, it must be a challenge deciding a photo subject when in the field like that.

...keep it tracking,


zig-123 Oct 25, 2009 8:37 PM

Hi Greg,

The first thing I want to do after looking at your images is to put a sweatshirt on- Brrrrrrrrrr it looks cold already. Your season looks to be about 3, maybe 4 weeks ahead of ours right now.

I love the image of your 3 Springers. The others leave me cold. Really, they do, I'm going now to put on a sweatshirt ;)

Seriously, have fun with your new toy and post some more.


satire23 Oct 26, 2009 12:10 AM


I know your going to love your new toy. Its a very fun but frustrating lens to use. I have had mine for several years and still haven't mastered it. But it looks like your off to a good start, as I love your dog photos with it.

I used mine today and out of several dozen photos with it I only kept this one.

Greg Chappell Oct 26, 2009 2:17 AM

Great looking set of dogs, Greg. #4 is my favorite of this group, with the image of the three together a close second.

fldspringer Oct 26, 2009 6:24 AM

Thank you all for taking a peek.
This lens is something THAT WILL take some getting used to. I had alot of ideas in my head when I hit the field, but thinks get real small real fast with that lens. Most of the things I thought would be good subjet did't even rate worthy of tripping the shutter.

I was, however, determined to get some info on the lens, so I was snap-happy for a reason. I even took pics of signs growing from my dogs head:laughing-smiley2: One of the things I was impressed by is how normal the photos of things look, even at 7mm, the three dog pic as an example.

Zig, it was a beautiful fall day. Temp was in the low 60's and the morning overcast (which the 7-14 hates) gave way to the blue sky that stunned me looking in the viewfinder.

Anyway, I liked the Rev pic. The plan on that one was to get a pic of the pond framed by the grass. The pond got really, really small:confused: , but Rev came by to save the pic.

It will take awhile for mr. telephoto to get comfortable with this lens. It is a gem, though. It does have that same "something" the 35-100 has. That ability to make things jump off the photo.

Thanks again for taking a look.


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