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HarjTT wrote:
Now have a read of this little tidbit posted by Sean Reid over at the Leica Forum, regards view finders:

"I see no reason why a window finder (with or without a rangefinder) couldn't be used with this standard."
I was reading that leica forum also - thanks for that link.

I would be intrigued with a M4/3 cam with a window finder, having used Leica rangefinders a lot in the past. I'd love an optical rangefinder window on a small cam, but I can't see how they could do one for zoom lenses, which takes us back to an EVF.

The interesting thing I picked up from thatthread in that Leica forum, is that with evolving technology an EVF could be made better than our experience with them has been in the past. So I temporarily retract my negative impression about the M4/3 announcement, and am willing to wait and see how the EVF evolves. E.g. I'm willing to step back from my feeling that the EVIL acronym is true in both senses of the word (grin).

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i concur. a EVF will never match the experiance of a good OVF. its a different animal.
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gwillys wrote:
but if your happy, im happy
Hey G,

I wake up each morning, open my eyes, look around, and see that I'm still on the right side of the grass and say to myself: Ah, life is good!!!

All the rest of this stuff is just fun to talk about..........

yes, I'm happy.

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zig-123 wrote:
Hey Harj,

My suspicion, because of the Oly/Pana/Leica co-development,is that a f1.2 lens will firstbe released in the m43 configuration. Just not sure where in the pipeline that would be.

Now, wouldn't that bequitea premiere lens to release along with the premiere M43 camera!! Hmmmm..................

I'm wondering that IF Oly/Pana/Leica were planning to release a 50mm F1.2 lens, would they really do so on µ4/3?

Seems to me that only the enthusiast would be interested in such a lens, and that those people would have a full sized 4/3 rather than the somewhat limited scope of the µ4/3 cameras. In any case, if they did release a full sized 4/3 50mm F1.2 lens, you could always use it ona µ4/3 camera via an adapter, so from a marketing point of view, it would make more sense, to me, to have one on standard 4/3.
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