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HarjTT May 30, 2012 2:41 AM

Would you buy an E-7 if it were intro'd this year ?
Just interested to see how many of us would be pick up an E-7 or E-5MKII if Oly introduced one later on this year ?

Spec wise, lets assume its the same body as the E3/E5 but incorporates at least:
* Tweaked EM5 sensor - 16MP but improved over the EM5 if its possible
* Improved OLED screen - higher res but same size as the E5's.
* 5 axis -IBIS
*The latest true-pic image but again tweaked again like previous E-X's

So thats basically an EM5 shoe horned into the E5 body.

My own personal improvements in addition to the above:
* a significantly improved and accurate AF system - doesn't have to be 5DM3 fast but just accurate.
* eye cup that doesnt fall off,
* AF lamp built into the body
* Shave a few mm off the body all over, so that would make it smaller than an E1/E3/E5.
* Increase the size of the OVF

I'd upgrade from my E3 to an E7 if it came out with those features but would you ?



:D :eek:

Leeston May 30, 2012 5:57 AM

Yes, I probably would given my investment into the lens that I have purchased.

tkurkowski May 30, 2012 6:03 AM

Hi, Harj

Going from an E3 to an E7 with those specs would make sense for folks who can afford it. Going up from an E5 would be a more difficult decision. For me it would depend on the difference in high-ISO quality - from what I can tell the EM5 is just one stop better and I doubt I will spend that much money for one stop (assuming I have the money and/or the value of a used E5 doesn't plummet).

To me it seems unlikely that Oly will release an E7 that's simply an EM5 in a 4/3 body - they're usually more innovative than that. They would really get my attention if the E7 finally has a pro-class AF system.


PS: regarding the eyecup falling off, see if you can get Blu-Tack in Britian - it's commonly used in the graphic arts world:

A little piece of that at the bottom of the eyecup mount before you slide the eyecup in, will solve the problem.

gjtoth May 30, 2012 6:52 AM

Probably not. Back when I first started in IT stuff, I'd chase the latest and greatest thing that came along. After shoveling a LOT of money into this practice, I discovered that the benefits of doing so were minimal at best. I fell into that mindset when I first got into photography and, while I undeniably derived huge benefits, I believe I'm at a point "diminishing returns" if I were to make a jump to an E-7. It would have to be something pretty spectacular to compel me to jump.

Steven R May 30, 2012 10:42 AM

I hope they come out with the E-7, in order to keep the 4/3 line going. However, for my photography, I'm still very satisfied with the E-3, and am still learning all it is capable of delivering.

(I used to be an early adopter when young, but now I rarely buy the first generation, prefer to wait until the early bugs are worked out.)

Mikefellh May 30, 2012 3:05 PM

I only bought an E-3 last year because I got it for $400 with around 4000 actuations on it, and I only got it because I figured they would never make another FourThirds camera, and I certainly wasn't going to get a Micro 4/3.

Of course all that was before the announcement of the OM-D, which was the first new camera I had bought in over 10 years (I've bought end of line, open box, and used but never new, and certainly not bleeding edge).

So no I won't be buying another boat anchor, I mean the E-7.

HarjTT May 30, 2012 3:28 PM

I still find the E3 more than good enough for a camera thats coming up to being 4 years old and esp when paired up with the 35-100F2.

If and when an E7 does show up and they have mentioned that an E5 replacement is in the works, it will need to be a real step up from E5 and EM5, esp in terms of AF performance and accuracy. Whether that ever happens is another thing. Combined with a better sensor I'd be seriously looking at it but it would need to be priced realistically - ie. not the same price as 5DMKII or D700 which is what they did with the E5 in the UK and the prices have only now after 2 years started to drop.

Mike, I had a wee play with the OMD last week ..not long enough for my liking but I did like the camera, so it'd be nice to have more time with one. However, it felt too small to me at times and although I'm sure I'd get used it. Something just a wee bit larger would be ideal and I could see myself with one. What I didn;t like was the new MZD kit lens - in the pics it looks a magnificent and well made lens but in reality on the OMD it felt cheaply made and uninsipiring even when compared to the 14-54ZD. So if in 6-8 months from now, if the E3 kicked the bucket and it was a choice between the EM5 and an E7, it would be the E7 for me.

Only1Watchdog May 30, 2012 3:58 PM

If Olympus came out with a new proline 4/3rd's camera I would not be quick to buy. My E-3 suits my needs right now. However, it would restore my faith in them staying with the 4/3rd's line a bit longer and I would buy a new lens or 2

Lordje May 30, 2012 4:54 PM

The E-3 does anything I want so far.
If Olympus would make a trade in offer on the body what is really good then yes maybe I would just for having the newest.
But otherwise no, I stick with my E-3 as long it works.

ElDonQujote Jun 9, 2012 4:20 AM

Yes, I would since the IQ of Olympus lenses is second to none. I have a significant investment :o in 4/3rd lenses and some OM lenses. IMHO lenses come first, body second. How quickly I would move will depend on the features (I liked the personal list of features above). A surprise of 18-20MP :rolleyes:would be nice provided it translates into fully leveraged SHG lenses, lower or same noise levels as the E-5, built-in GPS, retain some of the art filters (dramatic, vivid, several B&W), and a camera integrated battery grip. I like the shape of the E-5 it could be a bit smaller but larger than the e620 (which is a really nice cam). So marketing staff at Olympus please listen to your customers. :bash:

Greetings from Auckland, NZ

PS. I don't take pictures in complete darkness, print wall-sized or use ISO 125,000 or need a camera that can only be operated with the little pinky or pencils.

E-5, e620, Leica Digilux-3
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