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i always look at harj's work! it just seems to really stand out to me! and i have been looking at a of lot pictures people have taken with the oly E-1! the photos just seem to be much better than my e-500. richer, and more depth, just seem better! i have been looking and looking for one, i even contacted olan mills, because here in my area they all use the E-1, well i finally found one, i had contacted olympus about where to get a refurbished one, they gave me the address to tristatecamera. so i called them and they didn't have a refurbed one but they had a demo one that oly had sent them, it seems they are a huge oly dealer here in the states. well i received it today, the only thing is, i'm in dallas!! hahahaha so i won't get to see it until next wednesday!! and you know as soon as i get home i will take and post some pictures!

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Hi John

Fab news mate on the E1. The first thing I thought when I picked mine up was how good its ergonomics are and with the 14-54 its near enough perfect. The viewfinder seemed huge compared to my FZ10's tiny little EVF and I think you'll notice the difference with the E500. Post some pics when you get time !



:O :? :G
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What makes the E1, an older camera with less mega-pixel count better than the E500?
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hi harj,

thanks i am really excited, but i'm still in dallas!! and i will post some pictures.

hi cristovao12,

well it not so much the megapixel that makes the camera or picture. i love my 500, and it takes really good pictures, but i look at harj's pics and they just seem to be better looking i can't really describe it. of course harj is an awesome photographer! if you get a chance take a look at his work, specially the pictures at the airshow!

i have been researching and comparing the the E-1 against the 500 for awhile. the E-1 is a professional camera, the 500 is a entry level dslr, its a great camera! i just feel the E-1 is better. it doesn't have all those extra point and shoot settings and things i really don't want! and i know the new E-1 replacement will have all of that extra stuff. i personally want to learn how to take better pictures with out the camera doing it for me! i hope you can understand! best regards, john
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