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kenbalbari wrote:
So if the E-410 is supposed to be less sensitive (according to Phil), why is it getting a faster shutter here? It's underexposed by 1/3 a stop from not enough EV. Is it underexposed by as much as 2/3 stop overall (1/3 plus another third from it being ISO 1250 "equivalent")?
I noticed that in Phil's D40x review, too (ISO 1600 is really ISO 1250 with the Oly E-410).

I'll wait for more reviews of later production models. It appears that there could be some variation between samples (for example, both Phil Askey and Jeff Keller decided to delay their reviews of it due to metering issues).

It could also be the image processing (it could be using a slightly different tone curve for different image characteristics). It could even boil down to the lighting temperature (because RGB multipliers are going to be applied to the image to make changes for lighting temperature, which can impact many things, including noise levels and exposure).

From my perspective, it looks like the image processing has improved. But, given the apparent variation between reviewers' camera samples, it's probably best to wait on more reviews in different conditions (with newer production cameras) before passing final judgement.

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