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Hi Guys

After reading Riley's and Ted's post I agree with both of you that the 510 is definetly not entry level - in fact what I should have stated was:

(1) The 410 compete's against the likes of the D40x - clearly entry level cam but where the E410 has many features that the D40 does not
(2) The E510, goes head to head with the D80, Canon Rebel and Sony Alpha, etc and as with the 410 in terms of specs and IQ matches (except for AF points) the competition and then again like the 410 adds more - IS, Live View and dust shaker.

So what we don;t know is where the E1+ is pitched at by oly? We know that a 40D will be intro'd by Canon and possibly a D200+ by Nikon in the next few months so will they aim for that market or will it be aimed at least at the 1D MKIII segment of the pro market ? If its at the 1D MKIII crowd then there's going to be a gap between the 510 and the E1+ that Oly will need to fill with an E330+ otherwise they will just simply loose sales to the replacment D200+/40D's/K10/Fuji S5Pro. If the E1+ is aimed squarely at the D200+/40D/K10/Fuji S5Pro crowd then I can see Oly doing well as long as they can stay competitively priced and can match/surpass the options offered by the others. The two wildcards in all of this are (a) Sony - who according to this weeks Amat.Photo (UK) have stated that they will intro Pro and semi-pro cameras this year and (b) Panaleica - will they stick to the low/entry level cam this year or decide to intro a Pro 4/3's body ?

All I can say is interesting times ahead and I can see why Oly are keeping the specs of the E1+ very hush hush.



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Well, you folks may be seeing more of me on this forum; I ordered a new E-510 from onecall.com today, and should have it tomorrow. I think I fall into the category of entry-level user, and it appears to be a good move-up camera for me.

I currently own an FZ5 that I have had for two years and have been very happy with. I got a new Fz8 from Amazon, and the image quality was so poor at full telephoto that I returned it within 2 days ( go to http://forums.steves-digicams.com/fo...mp;forum_id=23 to get a sample).

After much study and comparison with the Sony A100, I opted for the E-510. It just felt much better in my hands, is lighter and easier to travel with, and had 2 very capable lenses. The Sony has a plethora of aftermarket/used lenses available, but I actually did not want to be tempted by them. Looking for a hobby, not a monthly bill...

Many of my pictures are taken from a moving boat (I live in San Diego and have a small 22-foot boat I take in the harbor and ocean occassionaly). For that reason I wanted something with IS, and did not want to pay the premium for lenses with IS built in. Really only leaves you with the Sony, the E-510, and the Pentax as choices in my budget range.

The Leica/E-510 kit lense comparison was very interesting and sort of sold me on the Olympus.
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