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Hi Jim

I couldn't hold out for the new 50-200SWD and got my hands on the 35-100 beastie and from the UK too. From what I could tell, the new 50-200SWD is the same length as the current lens, slightly larger diameter as it now takes 72mm filters and price wise, in the Uk it was priced at around £1100-1200GBP, so about 200 less than the F2. I had been hoping to get 35-100 from the US but ended up buying from the UK - time was a big issue. Now whether I've made the right decision I'm not 100% sure just yet as it just screams papparazzi. This is no street shooters lens.

The build quality is just amazing - it looks and feels as if its made from military grade material but like that reviewer I can;t help but wonder why its not say 1-2" shorter in length and at least 250g lighter. The E1 feels like a toy when its attached to the lens. One of the major selling points of the system is supposed to be a smaller/lighter lens, but the F2 isn;t eaxctly that, although I don;t know how an equivalent APS-c or FF lens like Canon's 70-200F2.8 IS USM would look in terms of size and weight if it had an F2 aperture.

Initial shots - I can hand hold it at 1/20s at 100mm but so far no sharp images, but they're not bad either. At f2 its a wee bit soft altough that could well be me but as soon as you stop down to 2.2 it does improve quiet a bit.


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Cool! Congratulations. That lens would certainly be very nice to have in low light when the flexibility of a zoom is needed.

I'd be afraid to buy an Oly (because I'd probably want one of those lenses and my wife would not be thrilled if I purchased one). She's still complaing about my new camera (which was only about $1400). lol

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