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Thanks for the comments on the house. I'm immodest enough to say I know every nail in it, I built it myself.

Riley, excellent indoor shot there, I know it's not easy working with the narrow angle and different light sources. Is that your 11mm lens, I don't see any distortion at all?

Cool house, definately kept the Ozzie classic farm look.

I haven't been to the Japanese Garden in Portland for years...and I didn't have a camera with me then. There is a nice one in Seattle in the arboretum, I've only seen photos of it, that could be worth visit one day.

We got a good start this year in the market, I got called in on New Years Eve and wrote up 2 offers, (Whore...:-)) one of which was accepted. Plus my wife and I are working on other deals, so we're keeping our fingers crossed that it's going to continue.

my thumb inadvertently pressing on a control button (which happens with the E500 occasionally).
This always and only works when you're in a tight spot with a one shot chance. You take the shot....exhale... because you've been holding your breath too long and you look at the screen to see those two blue horizontal lines and a note about white ballance....

And the subject has gone..!!!!

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hey Harj
yes its not as big as it used to be and I have it with me often, but it is the biggest heaviest camera i have ever had, and doesnt exactly dissappear on your back. Even though I have a few P&S to choose from as well, in fact there are around 30 cameras at home, i enjoy playing with E3 learning more about it.

The B&W mode is pretty cool, you can select a red filter from menu, then gradation/high key, its a look i like a lot. Hows the E1 holding up, has it returned to normality yet?

hey Scouse
yes that the 11-22, I remove the slight amount of barrel in post, and i always straighten the verticals as i should. I hear the housing market is in trouble over there, people are pretty pressed with interest rates here too, and cropping farmers are going down one at a time with the weather and all that, so its going to be an 'interesting' year in that chinese fashion.

PMA soon, there might be some goodies for us like a semi-pro camera (maybe E-30) so keep your fingers crossed. Theres talk of a fast portrait lens too.

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Hi Riley

Its good to hear that the E3 doesn;t feel as big now. I would have been a disappointed if it still felt too large or too heavy after some time in use.

The E1's slightly better behaved but its still very tempremental, so I'm seriously looking at getting the E3 sooner rather than later and keep the E1 as a back up (a dodgy backup at that too!) . My concern with it is if it packs up when I'mdoign a shoot - last weeks with "T" it produced a whoel batch of shots that were completely out of focus and only behaved after I left it off for 5 mins.



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