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HarjTT wrote:
Happy new Year All !

I did my third full fashion/portrait shoot yesterday and for most of the time kept the 35-100F2 on the E1 and occasionaly swapped it with the 14-54ZD. I'm still astounded by how sharp the 35-100 is and the quality of the files when compared to the 14-54Zd that I began thinking about the 14-35F2 towards the end of the shoot:

If the 14-35F2 was as good as the 35-100F2 would I buy one assuming I was a Pro portrait/fashion photographer ? If I was a pro and I wanted the same look to the files that the 35-100 produces then I think I would have to get the 14-35 even though I think at 2000USD its way over priced and I'm beginning to think even the clients would begin to demand it too.

I've shown the pic's shot with the 35-100F2 to the two models involved and they've been shocked that they were taken with a 5.5MP 3year old camera.

Here's a shot of "T" taken with the 35-100F2 - Just 50% USM. Shot RAW



:? :O
Hi Harj,
Shure, Olympus wants to cash in on E3, and I bear with them, where else can you find such good glass! On purpose, I asume, they held the 14-35 back to do so. Well, I pay now and enjoy it from the start. Others will learn from us and Olympus want us to be happy, so, it shall be a very good lens! As soon as I can buy it, I will!
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Terpentijn wrote:
As soon as I can buy it, I will!
Well it appears to be pretty soon - B&H now has it on their web site as "Coming Soon" and they don't usually list something until they know delivery from the manufacturer is close.

$2,300USD for a 28-70mm (equivalent) F2 lens is steep. I just ordered the Oly 50mmF2 macro becauseI use F2 a lotbut Iwonder if I would really use that 14-35F2 enough to justify that price. My Leica 14-50mmF2.8-3.5 isn't much slower than the new Oly lens, at least up to the 35mm end ofthe range the new lens offers. The Leica isn't a pro lens (not internal focus/zoom) but it sure is sharp, even wide open.

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