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HarjTT Jan 27, 2008 7:13 PM

I've seen a few posts over at dp and teh leica forum regards some E3's having some serious focusing issues. Have any of you guys or gals with the E3 experienced this and if so have you been abel to fix the problem ? I'm asking as I'm about to bite the bullet and get an E3 soon potentially within the next few days - I've been asked to do a few shoots and my E1 just isn;t reliable enough and these are something that I do not want to pass on.



boBBrennan Jan 27, 2008 11:23 PM

..........hi Harj,

I have only done about 125 files (still sick with the flu) and have recognized no focus issues. I am still enamoured with focus speed and do pay attention to that.

This morning due to some vandalism at our neighborhood entry gate I did 10 or so files in a very gray but clearing FOG; ....focusing was again quick to happen and the resultant files (RAW) were good. BTW, I have only done RAW since getting the E3 so not aware of how in camera .jpg would be....... I have not seen the reports you mention nor have I heard of any focusing issues before your post.

Best wishes, I really believe you will be greatly satisfied with the E-3.

Rriley Jan 28, 2008 12:12 AM

hey Harj
Ive several thousand images on it by now, and yes Ive had some OOF shots
Mostly becuase AF focussed on a particular feature instead of an average across a subject area. Usually I can see it, so I have it set to SAF/MF and i just trim MF in as applicable. The percentages are low and I dont seem to be having the same issues others are.

My take on it is this, its a much more complex system and requires more understanding, so I think users screw it up through lack of knowledge. This isnt true to all of them, but many of those seem to be early adopters. I got mine about a month after release. Neither do I have a 12-60, which also seems to have a share of involvement.

Dont ask me what the hell was I thinking being on F22 and all that here, I just didnt change it from the Peladon series before it, but follow focus was good.


Mikefellh Jan 28, 2008 1:36 AM

It has been discussed in-depth on a few FourThirds sites as well as a competing review such FourThirds site is

HarjTT Jan 28, 2008 6:59 AM

Hi all

Mike, thanks for the link and to Bob and Riley, for your feedback.

I called Oly support this morning and they were aware of a focusing issue with the SWD lenses and the E3, which was fixed with the latest E3 firmware update. However, they were completely unware that non SWD lenses on the E3 were also having problems and to what extent they were occuring. Some of what I've seen in the threads with the E3 either back or front focusing is one of the focusing issues my E1 is having - although with the E1 its just completely random.



tkurkowski Jan 28, 2008 11:19 AM

HarjTT wrote:

I've seen a few posts over at dp and teh leica forum regards some E3's having some serious focusing issues. Have any of you guys or gals with the E3 experienced this and if so have you been abel to fix the problem ?
Hi, Harj

I've taken some 125+ photos with the E3 and I sure haven't had "serious focusing issues".

The first time I used it was to do some testing of the E3's higher-ISO performance and I posted my results in this thread:

The E3 out of the box did some searching for focus on that difficult and poorly-lit cactus. But at that time I just kept pressing the shutter release partway down until it picked the focus point I wanted. So thenI decided I needed to learn how to use the E3's selective focus capabilities, butI subsequently forgot about it because the issue hasn't come up since (i.e. I haven't tried to shoot a subject as difficult to focus on, as that cactus was).

I.e. the E3 is doing just fine, and most of my work is in relatively low-light situations. However, I'm not trying to do a burst mode of a moving object - I don't know how well the E3 continuous-focus mode does in that case. And I don't have any SWD lenses. So far the E3 is doing great with the Leica and with the Oly 35-100F2 (except when I try to use the F2 at a distance too close for it to achieve focus <grin>.

I do think the participants in DP often get way too deep into the weeds.


HarjTT Jan 28, 2008 7:07 PM

Hi Ted

I'm still looking into how Oly act to this but I'm encouraged that you guys don;t have this focusing issue. I'm assuming like anything new - there's always an early batch that have QC or technical issues (Apple is well known for this - never be one of the first to buy a new mac as they will have issues) . My only concern has been where several E3 users are now on their third camera and the issue hasn;t been resolved and that Oly itself seems to be unware that this issue exists.



jorgen Jan 29, 2008 2:37 AM

Ted, the main problem discussed is that relatively many users get a positive focus confirmation, but the focus is off. Try the test in the photo here: and let us know.

Landscape photographers have no problems (large DOF?), but several report problems when birding or photographing in the zoo (small DOF?); one user reported that around a third of his shots in the latter category consistently were out of focus with the e-3. That is a serious problem: you come home withwhat you think are all winners, but a large percentage are out of focus.


HarjTT Jan 29, 2008 5:10 AM

Hi Guys

I hoping the new 1.1 firmware update fixes the issue but we'll have to wait and see. My main concern was the high no of people having the probem - according to that link that Mike posted, approx 25% of are having issues. Thats a fairly high number.



jorgen Jan 29, 2008 8:19 AM

Looks like it is a hardware issue of a kind and therefore probably not something that can be fixed via a software upgrade.

booger007 said:

I switched cameras with the local newspaper photog who is a friend of mine and I had no issues with his E3, he had many with mine.


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