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Forget the E-3 for a minute, consider the E-4xx with the other E's...with most E cameras the arrow keys have functions assigned to them like metering mode, ISO, etc.
But the E3 uses the Super Control Panel (the lcd on the back) to deal with those functions instead of having to use specific buttons or themenu. Just press 'OK' and scroll around the screen in whichever direction you like using the arrows pad until you come to rest on the highlighted function you want to change, press OK again and you get straight to the options. It is very quick in practice and all the main functions are there. Page 28 Section 2.
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I must be a gadget freak. I'm looking at my E3 right now it doesn't seem to have many buttons. I could use a few more actually, if they were programmable.

I agree that some are a little hard to reach while looking through the viewfinder (I find I still have to press WB while looking at the top LCD) and I've always hated having OK in the middle of the arrows (I'd rather my arrows were bigger with nothing in the middle), but most are no problem.

In particular I find I press "play" a lot, so don't mind having it under my thumb (unlike the Luminous Landscape reviewer who wants something else there).

If anything, the most annoying thing for me is having just one "info" button, so that I'm forced to cycle through several uninteresting playback displays to flip between the two I use all the time (highlight and full details). If I could have another button for that, I'd be set!
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HarjTT wrote:
Hi All

Now that I've been using the E3 for a month and have got used to its ergonomics and handling I began thinking about all the reviews which keep mentioning there are way too many buttons on the body. When you first look at it - there does seem to be a lot of buttons but actually there's not that many more than on the E1. The other thing that I've come to realise is that with my setup (always manual mode) the only buttons that I actually use when shooting - are WB, ISO, the focus point button and thats it. Menu settings are the same - now that the cameras set - the only change I make is to switch from spot to centre, etc. and thats it. It may well be different if your shooting in A/S modes but in manual mode I think theyre the only buttons that you are going to use. Hope that helps to clear up "theres too many buttons on the E3".



:? :O
Hi HarjTT
There are just enough buttons on the E3 to fill the available surface. All other, less frequent functions are in the menu. A matter of priority, and I think Olympus had to make a choise. IMHO they did make a good choice.
Some time ago, I had a realestate broker making pictures of my home to be sold. He had a lineup of Canon. Itsuprised me how much he had to "fiddle" with buttons and lenses. When I offerd hin my E510 with 7-14 he said he did not want it. I insistred and finaly he used my gear. Now he has bought an E3 and 7-14 & 35-100. He finds the ergonomics of Olympus much better!
So,?, not to much buttons! But quality prevails.
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