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..............today the weather in North central Texas is a mess with heavy thunderstorms so I am inside the house with lots of time to do 'nothing'.

So, I have been sifting through modelmayhem.com. Yep, I looked for some open galleries on your SmugMug account when I ran across your MM #, then I was on to MM to checkout your work.

Well, my friend, that is quite some photo sampling you have there and the comments from those who know tell a story. It is my opinion to you that whatever you wish to happen with your skill(s) in photography will happen as you apply yourself.

Great stuff Harj, your talent is really showing.......... I am looking forward to seeing more of your 'projects'.
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Hey Guys

How did you work out I wasn't married ? Damn there was me thinking nobody would find out... :G

Scouse, now if we had those kinds of birds and that landscape here I think I;d be outside shooting ospreys and the like as well.

Bob, thanks for checking my profile out and seriously guys I woiuld join MM just to make contact with MUA/styslits/models as you never know someone may need a photographer local to you and you could just end up helping them out and gettings some wonderful pics.

Regards the projects, theyre based on the dgrin "Last person standing" challenges from 2007 but I've since tweaked and changed them. My reason for starting them was to try and improve - either I go to night school or get back into trying to do the challenges and be as creative as I could be and thus improve. The aim is still to improve but at my own speed and now to do 3 or 4 all in one day. Check out dgrin for the various entries - some really awesome pics snapped by people just like us.



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HarjTT wrote:
How did you work out I wasn't married ? Damn there was me thinking nobody would find out... :G
That's probably a good thing if you plan on a lot of that type of shooting. Here's a conversation I had with someone a while back, after looking through some very nice photos taken of models on a beach.

I have really got to find some time to use my Minolta 135mm f/2.8 more. But, my subjects would not be as interesting as yours. ;-) Super shots and I love the bokeh.

Are you still using the Minolta 135mm f/2.8 for these types of images, or are you using another 135mm now?

Thanks for looking and commenting.

Yep, the same old Minolta 135mm f2.8. I bought it second hand in 1988. It's got a bit of mould inside and been knocked around a bit (hey - sounds like me) but still functions pretty well.

You should consider finding some "interesting subjects" too - it does make life enjoyable.

That would depend on whether or not my wife saw the images. If she saw them, it might make life less enjoyable at home if my subjects were as interesting as yours. ;-)

Well.. you could say something like "You know what dear? I spent the day photographing a beautiful young model, but she is no-where near as beautiful as you"

[still him, and he photographs swimsuit models often]
Disclaimer: The above advice is only intended as a guide My wife left me 18 months ago..:-)

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