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Brent Gair wrote:
People who are in the market for a new camera will read reviews and give some weight to everything that's mentioned. The very fact that such a nonsensical waste ofwords gets typed into a review, will cause a percentage of readers (no matter how small) to think that it is an issue worthy of consideration.
OK, I hear what you're saying and it makes sense. Let me ask this question though - how does the start up time compare to other cameras that have anti-dust feature? Are competition cameras that have the feature starting up quicker? If the answer is "NO" then I agree completely with you. If the answer is "YES" then in a relative world it's not as good as the competition.

Not unlike - in the Canon system, I think the flash system is pretty good. Until you compare it to Nikon's. Once you do that, the flash system is a bit of a negative as compared to Nikon.

Similarly I thought the sigma 70-200 2.8 lens was a very good lens. But when I used the Canon 70-200 2.8 it was better. The sigma was slower to focus in low light. So in the context of comparing the 2 it is valid to say the sigma is slower in low light.

Again, I have no idea if the start up time on this camera is as good as other competition or not. Just asking the question.

So while start up time may be acceptable to person A. If it's not as good as the competition's start-up time I think it's still valid to point it out as a con. If it is as fast then I am 100% in your camp.
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JohnG wrote:
Brent Gair wroteLet me ask this question though - how does the start up time compare to other cameras that have anti-dust feature? Are competition cameras that have the feature starting up quicker?
Other cameras that have anti-dust mechanisms do it when the camera is turned OFF, so they don't impact startup time, however at the same time they don't stop dust from appearing on the photo either (as they only clean the sensor after taking all the pictures with dust on them, not before when it's needed to be done).

And yes, the various methods for clearing dust off have been tested, and the reviewer gave Olympus (rated the best of the cameras compared) 50%, one brand (can't remember name) 25%, and the rest much lower. Why are the numbers so low...the reviewer was also covering sticky substances, and NOTHING but a manual cleaning can get them off. All I have to say is Oly's method works (in three years I've never had a spot).

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Here's a line from the review that piques my interest:

"The E-420 appears to use a stronger anti-alias filter than its predecessor, and while this results in admirably 'clean' images, it also robs the resultant images of fine detail."

Phil seems to indicate this is a hardware issue rather than a software problem, so it can't be addressed with a firmware update or by adjusting sharpness. In all fairness,he says this seems to be a 100% enlargement issue more than anything else.

But, since the E-420 and E-520 will no doubt be the same in this area - and I thought I was about to buy an E-520 as soon as it hits the stores - might it be a better idea to buy an E-510/E-410, save a few bucks,and than spend some time changing default settings to maximize picture quality? Or does the addition ofdynamic range control (shadow adjustment) in the new cameras more than compensate for this minor slip in image quality? Opinions welcome.
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Hi Biro,

I don't know what camera you currently own so it's a bit difficult say.

But I can tell you my thinking, based on what I currently have. I own an E-510 and love it. I also owned an E-500 which, quite frankly, I was extremely happy with. The E-510 is a 10mp dslr vs the E-500 which had 8mp. The principal reason (for me)for going with the E-510 was built-in image stabilization. The additonal megapixels was nice-but that didn't push me to buy the E-510.

I've read most of the pre-release info found on the web on the E-520. Based on what I've read, I'm not inclined to upgrade to the E-520. I'm holding out for an Oly DSLR w/larger optical viewfinder. Which would mean the E-3.

If you don't have either the E-500 or the 510, both of the cameras are available at very attractive pricing right now. If you don't need IS, then an E-500 is still a great camera and right now an even better value as they are usually available for really short money.

One other point, you just may want to look at an E-1. The E-1 is weatherproof,, built like a tank and by all accounts a fine camera. 5mp may be a deal breaker for you - only you can decide that.

If you're really itching to buy a new camera, I suggest you take a couple of CF cards and go to your local camera shop. Take a bunch of photos with the E-510 and E-520 cameras and then analyze them on your homePC. See what you think of the photos.

Just my 2 cents


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