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deterpawson wrote:
strangely i visited a camera store and the sales person kinda steered me away from the OLYMPUS 510 towards the nikon and canon.

There's nothing strange about it. As a rule, sales people are the single most useless source of info about the products they sell. Canon and Nikon have 80% of the market. Salesmen see a lot of Canon and Nikon products...so they feel safe with them.

I'm sure that decent, well informed salesmen exist. But, honestly, they are so few and far between I wouldn't bother trying to find one. Do all your research online and then TELL the guy at the store what you have decided.

You know what...I used to be a salesman at a department store. In the late 1970's, just out of high school, I got a job at a huge department store. I was lucky anybody hired me. I was a slob...didn't even own a tie. So what job did they give me? SELLING MENS CLOTHES! They managed to find the single job that was the most unqualifed for. I could tell a Camel Hair Coat from a an actual camel.

I buy high end video equipment from salesmen who know nothing about video.

I buy cars from car salesmen who can't tell a Corvette from a Chevette

I have NO expectation that a camera salesman would know anything about cameras.

Next time, ask them what they think about the Olympus anti-dust system compared to the Canon or Nikon anti-dust system. Ask about the Olympus in-body IS compared to the Canon or Nikon in-body IS. I'll bet you that they actually try to fake a legitimate sounding answer.

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Well said Brent. You echo my experience. I haven't found many salesmen who are knowledgeable aboutall their cameras. They are trained by the stores to move inventory, and their largest inventory is the mass market Nikon/Canon.

Steve R.
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