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.......I've made this statement before, "I have used several different pieces of software for converting RAW but in the end, BibblePro (http://bibblelabs.com/) for me is the better of the lot I have used. I bought a license and it is what I use".

BibblePro is available for Windows, MAC or Linux. It can be 'busy' or 'lazy' depending on ones need and/or want for detailing. The batch processing is simple, very quick and executes in the background while editing continues uninterrupted.

Bibble Labs has excellent online forums, hosted by Bibble personnel with very quick response turnaround to message exchanges. I have first hand experience there too.

The software is not Free but it just may be the best alternative to those applications that come with the cameras. The results are good too. Evaluation and learning is easy by visiting the learning center (http://bibblelabs.com/learn/index.html) to play or download the tutorial videos.

These are my personal opinions, I am not associated with Bibble Labs in any way except that after reviewing the software, I paid for my own boxed copy of it at a local camera shop.

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Hi Bob

Thanks for the post. I'll definitely give Bibble another go and am also going to go and check some of teh other RAW convertors again.



:? :O
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