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Hi Ted

I'm more than happy with 10MP and if they were able to get to ISO6400 then that would be my priority too - 12MP would be ok as well but it would have to have better DR and have that high ISO capability. Do we need bigger than 10-12MP, personally I;d say 10/12MP is plenty for most people. The other change that both Oly and Panaleica should do is switch to 14bit RAW files -


Check out this post over at the leica forum shortly after the M8 was released regards large prints - and the M8 is another 10MP cam (although it is a 1.3x crop sensor).


And here's an interesting comparison between the M8 (10MP - 1.3x crop Kodak CCD) and Canon 1dsMKII (16MP - Full frame CMOS):


All pics taken at ISO640. The M8 has superb IQ looking at those shots and as good or better than the 1dsMKII - now need Pana to give us something similar and at higher iSO !



:? :O

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I know many of youdrop in on different forums and may have already seen this but for those who haven't.

Here is a link to an article dealing with higher dynamic range and a novel approach beng tried by Panasonic.


This article gives me hope that Panasonic is working on providing sensors with higher dynamic range for the 4/3 format as well.


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Mikefellh wrote:
dnas wrote:
I guess this would need to be developed by a third party, such as the developers of the "focus confirm" chips for 4/3 converters.
There's an echo in here.
Hmmmm..... I might look into this myself.
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