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Hi Harj,

Glad to see you are still posting here. I haven't been hanging around here too much of late, but I saw your post and thought I would respond.

I was just pondering if what you are seeing is because of noise reduction or because of less sharpening. I would guess that the in-camera jpeg has just been sharpened considerably more than your ACR developed image.

In fact, your ACR 100% crop shows color noise in the dark areas. I think if you if you went back to your ACR and used some color noise reduction while seriously boosting the sharpness, you could come close to duplicating your jpeg output.

Just my two cents. :roll:
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You know, they all look pretty good to me, especially taking into consideration (1)the size you'd need to print that image to equal the size of the hand in the 100% crops AND (2) I would not be sitting as close to the entire print as I am to scrutinize that one area shown here!

At the office where I used to work, there is a 30x40 framed print that wasprinted and autographedby Ansel Adams himself called something like"Clearing Storm in Yosemite Valley". Viewed from 5-6 feet it is an outstanding print, but if you get really close...less than .3 meter away and REALLY scrutinize every silver hallide crystal, it looks like [email protected], with little detail visible in the trees.

Of the ones you've posted, and based on the puny little screen here at the office I am viewing them with, I like the last version you posted, processed in ACR 4.6, but when I get home and view them on my 20 inch Dell flat panel, it might be a different one.
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