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If you are going to be doing close up photos of small animals and macro shots, my experienceis go with the live view. I have cameras with and without, and if I'm doing any kind of close up work, I always grab a live view. Saves lots of backaches, and don't have to get into difficult low positions. It's also easierfor tracking small moving animals to catch action close-ups.

Steven R.
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bpcrally wrote:
the 410 doesnt have IS, which I wont know is a big deal or not until i have some play time with the cam.
The IS is nice in general but won't probably help you with macro shots - it's more useful for telephoto lenses. For macro you'll probably need to mount the system on a monopod at least.

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bpcrally wrote:
Thanks i think im going to go with the e-500.. plus it comes with 2 lenses as well..

zig those are amazing photos... i know im going with the right choice.. i just need to get a macro lens..
Whatever camera you decide on in the end, you'll have fun, I know. But I would suggest that before you buy any additional lenses, please use the lenses that come with the camera. Get to reallyknow the camera and it's capabilities as well as the different lenses and their characteristics. Once you've got comfortable with the equipment and your own ability, you may find that your needs will change and you'll want a completely different lens.

Also, don't forget to visit www.wrotniak.com There is a whole host of good information on all things having to do with an Olympus camera. You'll shorten the learning curve.

And come back to this forum with questions. There are many capable Olympus system users that frequent this site. They'll be happy to help answer any questions you have.


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Thank you all for all your help! It's not a done deal yet. i have yet to actually get the camera.. so i might end up having to pick between the 410 and.. nothing..

Waiting for this guy to contact me, hopefully i can pick it up tomorrow! it's very exciting!!

I will be very interested to see how well the included lenses will do when it comes to close ups.


After talking with the guy i told him id do $260 and pick it up tomorrow.. he accepted!! very good deal (i hope)
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