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Hi Greg,

And that sounds like a good plan to me..............

In an effort to do the same, I sold off my 2 kit lenses , a 35mm macro, the 50mm f2.0 macro. I now have the 14-54mm, the 50-200mm2.8ED, and the 70-300mm. As much as I like using the 50-200mm there are times whenI like the size and weight of the 70-300.

At some point, I'm going to add an EX-25 ext tube, the EC-14 Teleconverter andsell off the 14-54mm and replace that with the 12-60mm. I keep looking at the 9-18mm lens but realistically, think I'd get more use out of the 12-60.

Having 4 lenses and 2 converters will keep the weight of my camera bag down to a minimum while still havinga pretty wide range of coverage.
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Just to throw in my two cents about the 35 vs. the 50 macro:

I do a lot of model photography...unfortunately, not the PRETTY models usually associated with photography . As much as the extra magnification of the 35 appeals to me, the 50mm is more useful to me for a couple of reasons. This kind of photographycan be very unforgiving of any kind of distortionandthatis especially true of trouble with perspective. It'sNOT something that would likely be noticed with organic shapes but when you have "mechanical" shapes with a lot straight lines and geometric patterns, it's better to be able to stand off some distance and flatten the perspective.

Also, because I use artifical light for almost all of this kind of photography, it's very helpful to have a lot of room to set up lights and keep the camera a fewfeet away from the subject.

I think if you are doing a lot of things like flower shots outdoors, the benefits of the 50 vs. the 35 wouldn't be obvious. But I findthe 50mm better for "tabletop" use.

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Great miniature shot.

That craft reminds me of waaaaay back in the late 1960's/early 1970's when Texaco gas stations gave away model kitsof the Apollo landingspacecraft with a fillup. I put together more than one or two of those. Unfortunately, none of them survived to today.
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