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Originally Posted by zig-123 View Post
Hi Conor,
Thanks for the kind words.

As in your locale, here on the Cape, Blue Jays are a very common bird. Only reason for my surprise is the fact that, generally, I don't see Blue Jays on my feeder. That's due to the feeder being so close to house.
That being said, I'm happy to see this guy visit once in a while. They are colorful. Now, if an Oriole happened to visit- that would be a sight.

I've seen some of your posts in the Wildlife section. Looks like you're having fun with the Sigma 70-200mm lens. The Mallard shots were particularly sharp.

My grandmother has two orioles visiting one of her feeders at her home just outside the city, I may go and sit out one day to see if I can capture them.

Yes, that lens is great. It's not really long enough for wildlife, but so far I've been able to make do. Maybe I'll buy a lottery ticket, cross my fingers and hope that one day I can afford something more suitable

Originally Posted by pgmCoder View Post
As for the jays of Canada, I remember feeding (from my hand) when I lived in the bush of the Red Lake District, NW Ontario. Those are really great birds and fun... The Blue Jays are fun too, to watch them command a feeding area.
I have memories as a kid and going camping in Riding Mountain national park and having gray jays dive in and steal your breakfast right off the table. Now that's a bird I'd like to see again, it would bring me right back!
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Hi Zig,

I just had a vivit to your bird pic page and it didn't disappoint. Nice series of photos there.

here was one from a feeder on my deck. Hope you don't mind me posting here. Missed the contest, after all.

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Default Hi Greg,

I don't mind you posting shots at all. On the contrary, I'm glad you're back.

I generally don't see many hummingbirds. Not because they aren't around. It's simply that I haven't put out a feeder for them. Occassionally, when the Rose of Sharon are in bloom, later in the season, I'll see a bunch of them. But they're gone as quickly as they come. I admire anyone who has the ability to take an in focus photo of one.

Great capture.

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