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Originally Posted by fldspringer View Post
What part of Iowa? I started life in the northwest corner. I assume you were farther south as quail coundn't survive the winters in the brutal corner of the state.

Southwest corner, Page county, Shenandoah........... cold, but just right for winter hunting.

Originally Posted by [/COLOR
I tend to use center weighted metering and C-AF in rapid fire mode when on the tele end. You must be careful if there is a dog that has very white markings in harsher light. I have exposure bias mapped to the front control wheel to spin in a -.7 or -1.0 bias in that situation, when normal (for me) is -.3 ev.

Thanks, that is pretty much how I shoot baseball except I use 'slow fire mode' with the wheels set same, rear = aperture & front = exp comp. I have used single focus point and the 'star multi' with the better results coming from the single point. White markings & white uniforms = synonymous

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Hey Greg,

Another great series of Spingers doing what they love to do (as well as Greg doing what he loves to do).
I also took a look at your gallery on Smugmug. I love looking at your work as it reminds me of a Trout Club that I belong to here.. We lease our lands to a hunt club and in the Fall the woods are alive with hunters and their dogs working the fields to flush out a Pheasant. It's actually quite interesting to see the synergy between dog and hunter working together. Especially a dog that's a veteran. But then, you already know that.

Thanks for your tip on setting the front wheel to control exposure bias. Hadn't thought of that.
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