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Originally Posted by HarjTT View Post
Now If I had any Leica M camera - the first thing that would have to go is that red dot and any other reference to Leica - all covered up with some nice black tape!
Why? Leica cams and lenses, although extraordinarily expensive, are really top quality. The only reason I can think of to hide them, would be because of the potential of theft.

Originally Posted by HarjTT View Post
Until we get an inbuilt EVF and rangefinder look, I'll just wait and see how things progress with the m43
I would love a rangefinder-type street cam. The closest cam to that was the Panny DMC-L1. I had bought that with the kit Leica D Vario-Elmarit 14-50mm f/2.8-3.5 lens when it first came on the market, just because I really wanted that lens (a wonderful lens) and at the time Panny said it wasn't going to sell the lens separately (this was way before Oly came out with the 12-60mm). When I got the kit, the L1 porro-prism OVF was so dark with that lens that I sold the L1 body.

Now I wish I hadn't sold it. I think the L1 OVF would be just fine with my PL 25mm f/1.4 lens and I'd love to have that "rangefinder-look" combination. The problem is that as I track an L1 body on ebay, they're selling for way more than I want to pay for it - for not much more I can get a E-620 or even a used E-30 body.

The L1 seems to be gaining a cult status. I think that's because Leica sold it as the Digilux 3 for some $2KUSD more, and everyone knows that the only difference was that the Leica version has a (much) better jpeg processor, so if you'e willing to shoot and process RAW, they are equally good cams. So I think the L1 is a great cam but not better than the newest Oly cams. I'm kinda stuck in the Realm Of Desire here - wanting a rangefinder-type body like the L1 but with an OVF. The 43 world isn't going to deliver that and the 43 realm isn't going to either - not enough perceived market.


PS: Anyone have an L1 body to sell???

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Hi Ted

I think its only the last say 6months or so have people realised how good the L1/D3 actually is and as you've noticed the price of the cam isn't; going down! I'd like to own one as well (it was the DSLR that I was going to get) and what I found was that its not as big as it looks in the pics, is put together very well and in black its a nice discreet cam.

Now, covering up the red dot and Leica tags ... well that's to stop anyone on the street working out what I'm using. My FZ10, E1 and E3 and all my lenses have all markings taped up, and that makes it easier to take pics in a crowd and I hope makes the camera thieves target everyone else with flashing tags, straps etc.



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