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Hi Guys

DS... well Toshiro Mifune has to be one of my all time favourite actors and star of some of the best movies ever made. Some of characters that he had played were done with brilliance (Yojimbo, Throne of blood, 7-Samurai, etc) Why Mifune for the avatar ?.. well sometimes.. just occasionally I look a bit like the avatar (Mifune in Redbeard) and as i get older I'm hoping more so!

Binary ... yeah i can see what you mean about the catch lights but retouching them out I'm not so sure becuase (1) I dont; know if I have the ability to do so and do it realistically and (2) that if I leave them in I'll be more careful for the next shoot to look for mine and the models positioning. Regards retouching, I recently was shown a photoshop addon used by retouchers to add catch lights to an image!!? One of the guys that I used to work with as a sysadmin was a photoshop/retouching wizard and adding catchlights of any kind was/is one of his favorite techniques used to (1) improve an image and (2) also to deceive anyone trying to work out the light sources to a shot - the shadows will usually help give away the main light, hair light etc but a lot of people look for catch lights.



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I also have always been a fan of Toshiro's, as you say great films.
If you say this phonetically you may understand it .I know the English spelling is rubbish.
Harigetto.maybe Arigetto.
Best wishes
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