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The detail in those flies and other small critters is extraordinary. THAT type of macro work not only requires the abilities of a lens like the 50mm f2, but also probably the patience I don't have to make such an image!

The "other" lens that has the makeup for a great closeup lens for subjects you can get physically close enough to, but I have not used that way yet, is the 12-60 Zuiko. It focuses so close that the subject at 60mm and the closest focus distance can almost be touched by the lens hood.
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Wow, Ted, I'm touched by your concern for me. (smile). But I'm over the loss of selling the 50mm macro.

And, you're right, even if I still had it today, I'd probably take it out off the shelf a couple of times a year and probably just look at it. The zooms I own are just that much more versatile and get the most use.
One thing I loved to do with it was to shoot portraits of my grandkids. The results (to me) were similar to the 35-100mm, in that, the photo just jumped off the screen at you- they were that sharp.

I'm pretty much like everyone else that hates to sell really fine equipment, even if you don't use them enough to justify. Me, I sold my 50mm macro to help pay for the 50-200mm. Now, that's something I'd do again in a heart beat.

Greg (whose not from Texas),
Your macro shots are just wonderful! They are as good as anything I've ever seen.

Greg's right about the 12-60mm. Great lens with tremendous close range focusing capability. For that matter, It's just a great lens.


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