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Originally Posted by Mikefellh View Post
I'm also with Oly the way they do the firmware process. I've been using computers before 1980, so I have a LOT experience updating firmware.

Oly's process prevents installing the wrong or counterfeit firmware.
That's true but from what I can tell, a lot of Panasonic G1 owners are happy that they can choose the firmware to install. When Panny released FW 1.3 for the G1 it included a "feature" that prevented the use of a 3rd-party battery. When they released FW 1.4 initially, it left that "feature" out. It must have been a screwup because they pulled it back and posted one that included that "feature" again. But a number of folks who had the original version were able to share it on forums.

Also, there have been times in the past when folks have not been happy with an Oly FW update and wished they could return to a previous version.

Sorry, I guess we just have to agree to disagree.


PS: FWIW, Nikon and Canon use the same process as Panasonic for their cameras, including their $5K pro models...

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Oly's process prevents installing the wrong or counterfeit firmware
Maybe so but if one were to install any update but a package directly from Olympus........ the consequences would be the fault of he who did, "so what" is my response to that. It would pretty much be like changing the control mapping of your HEMI engine using a device purchased on eBay attempting to defeat MDS design then taking it to a dealership complaining about it when 4-cyl of 8 seized.

Personally, I am in favor of any update procedure that would allow 'stepping back' to a version of my own liking..... or reloading the updated base data for whatever reason.
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