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I agree. However, a difference of $80+ between a brand new model (which includes the missing flash) and an over 8-month old model is significant. When the EP1 was first released it was priced at $899 if I'm not mistaken, and that wasn't too long ago. The EP2 was over $1000. So, $599 for a brand new model is very aggressive IMO.

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Hi Guys

Those are some nice sample shots but I agree with the comments made so far, esp Greg's last one regards Oly muddying the waters between the different models. Having an inbuilt flash is a plus point, so I'm wondering why they didnt do it with the Ep2 ?

Its going to be interesting to see what Pana does do with a G2/GF2 ... esp with the sensor - do they go with the wide/multi aspect G1H sensor (which according to tests by Dx0 is pretty damn good - possibly the best 4/3 sensor todate) or stick to the standard 4/3 ratio ? I'm also surprised that Oly has not used the GH1 sensor yet ? May be theyre going to reserve that type for the E3's successor



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