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Really nice shots!
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Default Re: 70-300mm performance

After having a long love-hate relationship with this particular lens, I can honestly say that the 70-300mm is a great performer provided you give it plenty of light. My personal experience with it is that the lens really struggles to auto focus in low light conditions or gray-overcast days.

I realize that you tried to manually focus the lens-but that isn't necessarily the answer as your results indicate. The E-30's AF system is really the best that Olympus currently offers and my suggestion is that you take advantage of it.

I find that I get the best results from this lens at an aperture setting of f8 to f11. What I typically do is set the mode dial to aperture, select f8 as my aperture, set ISO to auto, select AF to single point -center-.
When looking thru the viewfinder, I pay attention to the shutter speed and if it's not greater than 2X the focal length, I'll change the ISO from AUTO to a higher setting. In the case of your deer image, I would have been comfortable in stopping down to f8 and 1/250 sec. then adjusting the ISO accordingly.

When I bought my 1st 70-300 I thought that I got a bum lens. I'm on my 3rd 70-300mm lens and find that the performance of all three have been pretty consistent. It just a matter of getting comfortable with the capabilities of this lens.

Some one mentioned visiting Wrotniak.net. I also recommend that you visit that site and read the review on the 70-300mm lens found on that site. It's well worthwhile.
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Thanks for the great suggestions! Stepped up the ISO to 1000 today. Still cloudy outside, but a little brighter. Getting better.... Still manual focus. Squirrels just won't sit still..

"The demand for clarity is responsible for the confusion." -- U.G. Krishnamurti
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