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Originally Posted by HarjTT View Post
Hi Guys
The other building you'd be surprised to hear is a pretty new building ! Its part of the Houses of Parliament, I had thought it was part new and part existing but according to the link below its all new! I think any new building has to match and fit in with the existing architecture anf I think they've done a pretty good job.

I figured it at least had to have had some retrofit done, because of the skylights. I am surprised it's a new building (those chimneys weren't inexpensive especially for being non-functional but just decorative) but I still like the contrast.

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Nice shots as always Harj.
I've just picked up a copy of LR and the book for dummies.. Just got to sit and work with it.
I plan on using RAW now for most of my shots (When I get my bum in gear and get out that is.) I've taken a look at Kelby's stuff, it'll help a lot.
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Hi Guys!

Ted, I always thought it was mainly the old building but just with a new roof and internals so I was a bit shocked to find it was an all new build esp as there's a big subway station directly underneath it.

Scouse, a few tips regards LR3beta - from what I've seen on a core 2 duo based machine it'll struggle but on a QuadCore it'll be just fine. Make sure to turn of real time virus scanning as LR3beta just grinds to a halt when you have a lot of images in the catalogue. IQ wise esp detail, sharpness and noise LR3 is a lot better than LR2 as its using ACR 6.x. If you can get Kelby's DVD/CD for LR turtorial you can't go wrong - really well put and so many little tips and tricks in how to use it. I'm going to buy the LR3 tutorials when he does those.

Tulio, that shadow bar in the top left is on every pic and that shot was taken outside in ok'ish light. Happens with every lens - I've done a few tests recently - stop down to F22 and shot against a white background and that bar is very evident. Adrian at the studio initially spotted it during a shoot when we were setting up and thought it could be the lens but its definitely not. I've been thinking about sending the camera back to Oly to get that fixed but I've held back as I'm not too confident with Oly europe's service dept esp after speaking to them about it and also regards the odd AF issue with my E3. The tech on the phone was just way too patronising and refused to listen to me properly so I just got put off from sending it in.



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Harj, I was hoping you'd say that the bar was some sort of reflection or something. Have you tried to clean the sensor with a good powerful blower? It could be a simple hair shaft causing the shadow. It certainly looks like something is on the sensor. I'd try that before sending the camera to Oly. However, considering how evident the shadow is, for sure I'd send the camera to Oly if blowing the sensor does not work. Otherwise, it will spoil your images.

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