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Originally Posted by boBBrennan View Post
........get him Greg, I know you are correct in that Zig only mentioned it for the reason he did.

So, since it is bright sunshine here for the rest of the week, FINALLY !

Zig, the 'pushover' to getting the M-27 was viewing some SmugMug files FULL SCREEN! That did it and I am after 2-days very comfortable with MAC. After 25 years with MSFT & a bit of UNIX & Linux, MAC is a welcomed experience, the video is just amazing as you know.

North-Greg's photo here is absolutely beautiful with color & detail, but after my MAC-Saturday the 300mm is now on my REALLY long list (hi hi)

.....WE are hoping you don't get bored with the weather there
I envy your puter. I spent a fair amount on a PC along with the better Dell 24" as I'd heard some good about it. It is an oversaturated piece of junk, and calibration does't help much.

Most of the time I do my post on a cheap, little 15" dell laptop. The monitor on a $500 laptop does better than a $650 monitor attached to a quad core box.... Go figure.

Next time, perhaps a Mac, but with the purchase of the 300mm, a Mac is way, Way, WAY.... down the list.

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Hi Guys,

I've heard the refrain "once you go Mac, you never go back" many times and didn't appreciate it's significance until I got one. I've had mine since November and still am surprised just how much fun viewing and post processing images can be on this new screen.

Bob, looking back on my decision, the only thing I regret is getting the smaller unit. You did the right thing in getting the 27" as it has an even better screen resolution than the 21".


P.S. And, I'm still not sayin' nuthin' 'bout the weather!!
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