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I have seem some really nice images posted that were shot using the 70-300+EC14. The EC20+70-300 is a no-go. I have tried that combination and it does not work well, AF or image quality-wise, so the EC14 would be the teleconverter to use with the 70-300.

The 50-200 is an outstanding lens. Visibly sharper than the 70-300, as it should be at 3x the cost. If money were no object, a combination of the 50-200+EC14 (4x the cost of the 70-300) is still both sharper and marginally faster than the 70-300.

I have always thought a great two lens combination would be the 11-22 and 50-200, so if it came down to moving to either the 12-60 or 50-200 and I already owned the 11-22, I would definitely go the 50-200 route first.

It all comes down to what you can afford. If $400 is your limit, the 70-300 is an excellent lens. You already have that lens so another $440 would get you the EC14 and that should work very well as a set from images I have seen other users post.

If you have $1,200 to spend the 50-200 SWD is a super lens. If you have $1,650 to spend, the 50-200+EC14 is excellent as well.

The 12-60 right now is a very expensive lens at $1,000 (all prices mentioned here were found online at B&H). I bought my 12-60 not long after it was introduced and paid $795. I do not believe I have ever seen the 12-60 being sold for less than $795, but I have seen it much less than the current price. Every Zuiko for sale at B&H has gone back up almost to original retail. Even the 70-300 now is a $400 lens and I've seen it as low as the $250 range.

It's not looking like a good time to be buying any new Zuiko lens right now as they all look to be as highly priced as I have ever seen any of them.

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