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Yeah, I don't blame him either. I hope they are able to get him back up and running super fast.

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Hi Greg

Its shocking that they didnt fix it first time and I don;t think its the first time I've read about Oly's repair service recently not being up to par. I hope theyre not going to charge you for shipping ....??? You would have thought that they would QC the repair and make sure it was back to spec before shipping !?

It seems that OLY have slipped up in that regards in the last few years and its the main reason why I've not sent my E3/35-100 in for a check up/repair to Oly Europe, having spoken to them a few times I just didnt have the confidence in them.


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Originally Posted by Greg Chappell View Post
Hard to say exactly what the cause of the problem is, but in reading similar posts from other 12-60 users on the Olympus DSLR page at DPReview, the one common issue happening prior to the lens' aperture locking up was, in my case, a slight resistance between the 12-18mm settings along with a slight clicking sound at the time you hit the resistance. With other users the resistance was happening at other placing in the zoom range.

In the case of what was happening with my lens, it's been happening for a while and I could have/should have sent my lens in when I first started experiencing the resistance and clicking and most likely could have had it fixed under warranty. I chose not to, used it for an extended period of time and the lockup finally occurred right at the 18 month period from purchase as well.
The locked up aperture blades you describe occurred to me this weekend. I purchased my 12-60mm about 15 months ago (s/n 230042729). From the earliest days zooming out would would stick at 18mm. This happened maybe 40% of the time. It seemed like a minor issue so I decided to live with it. Looks like that was a mistake. I'll be sending it to Olympus for repair this week. I live in Texas so I have the choice between CA and NY. Anyone have an opinion on which is better? If there is a growing list of those with this problem maybe Oly will do a recall. It will also be good to spread the word around for those who are still under warranty.

-Mark Witte (gizmo)
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Hi Mark.

California was where I sent mine both times from Dallas. From what I gather in talking with some others over at DPReview who had the same issue, $292 seems to be the going rate for this repair.

One thing I can say about their service is, they don't sit on anything you send in, but once you get the email with the tracking number, be sure to check in on the service website because they do not email estimates. You have to check the site for their estimate and give them the go-ahead and a card number to pay for it.

Once you get the lens back, test it thoroughly and make sure all is right. The first time it came back, every file I shot was obviously underexposed, which for the E30 body I was testing it on was completely out of character, so I knew something was not right mechanically. I sent it back and they wound up replacing the lens motor, which could not have been an inexpensive part, but they charged nothing as a repair return. Both times I sent it in, the total time from the point I mailed the lens to Olympus to the time it was back in my hands was within 10 days.

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I have to say that after receiving my lens back from this repair it has performed better than new. It's possible it was out of spec from the beginning.

I never had any indication that it was going to fail like others have had. I was told that it was a part failure and not due to operator error, which was a relief...
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