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You know with all of the momentum thats been built up by M43 its still not too late for Oly to aim for that segement - a HG version of the 90-250 or 70-300 say a constant a F4 or F3.5 to 5.6 and a couple of 300 or 400m F4 primes would surely go down a treat with the wildlife/birding mob. Couple those with a new E4/E5 body (12Mp Gh1/Gh2 sensor) and a new improved AF system (the E30's seems to be fine esp when you see the pics Greg's been getting a just superb) but I think even thats coming on just under 2 years as well. With no new lenses listed on Oly's lens road map I don't think we can hold our breathe on getting any new regular 4/3 lenses. The 100 F2 macro was supposed to be out several years ago and then if I'm correct just after the E3's release Oly had promised that it would be available in 2009 and there's been no word on it since .. have they given up on making new regular 4/3 glass ? I hope they haven't ...

Hi Zig, completely forgot to take into account that you already have the 50-200, so yeah I can see that the 35-100 with a 2x TC would not be up to par.

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Hi Harj,

Maybe not the 35-100mm with an EC-20 BUT the 90-250mm with the 2x telecon would be a sweet deal to play with.

I'm not even thinking about a 300mm f4 prime, largely because Olympus is so slow with releasing anything to do with 43 systems that I'm just concentrating on what is available here and now.

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