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Originally Posted by Tullio View Post
You don't capture additional detail by bracketing the exposure. If nothing else, you may introduce problems (i.e. noise if the ISO goes up or blown highlights if the high exposure is too much). In normal daylight conditions, the variation in terms of camera settings is minimum between -1.0 and +1.0 Ev. It is true that some of the new camera models out there are producing good JPG files. However, the RAW image will always contain more information. You mention the grey line. When you process the RAW image, you can change everything, not just move the grey line. You can change the exposure, white balance, sharpness, saturation, contrast, etc, etc, etc. You do the work that the camera will do but in most cases, with better results (if you are familiar with the software you are using).
You don't capture addition detail if there is none in that particular scene to capture (dynamic range 12 EV or less, assuming raw) but you most certainly can if the scene dynamic range exceeds 12EV.

Certainly a raw file can capture more of the dynamic range of the original scene than the best current jpeg engines but if the original scene exceeds 12.5 EV it won't capture it all and no amount of PP can put back what isn't there.

I fail to see how combining one image with a blown highlight but capturing all the available shadow detail with another image without the blown highlight but losing the shadow detail has the end result of blown highlights. That bespeaks of inadequate software or inappropriate human manipulation of the software.

As I suggest before changing the "exposure" while post processing a single file is not and cannot change the actual exposure, ther only thing it can change is the mid-gray point and it will reveal no more information than what is contained in the 12-12.5 EV original raw file.


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