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Originally Posted by mambastik View Post
Hello everyone. I'm usually lurking around this forum but I've finally jumped in and joined everyone else. For my first DSLR, I've decided to go with Olympus mainly because of in-body stabilization and size. I've previously owned the Lumix FZ30, which I mainly use for stage performances (acts, dances, etc...) and low light photography (yes, the two situations that P&S and bridges fail on). I'm finally feeling the effects of having a max ISO at 400, which I rarely use, and just thinking about how a DSLR's 400 ISO can look just as good as ISO 80 on mine makes me tingle.

I've debated the usual e520 vs e620, but finally settled on the e600 when I saw that Adorama has the twin lens kit refurb for around $490, just about the same price as the e520. Then I saw one with just the 14-45mm lens for $370 (also a refurb). So finally here's my question: I'm definitely getting the 50mm f/1.8 OM lens so I will be picking up the OM adapter. Should I go for Adorama's dual kit lens, or pick up the cheaper single lens kit and get an OM/3rd party legacy zoom lens?
As someone who loves using old glass on a DSLR let me say that unless it's macro i wouldn't think of using a 50mm on a 520 or 620. There just isn't any way to tell if the focus is spot on. With enough length (200mm and up) and/or a close enough focus it's okay if you are willing to accept that lots of shots will be no good. I'd buy the 2 lens kit if I were you and skip the old glass until you've used the camera a lot. You may find you just don't need it.

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Default A Follow up to the original Question

The OP questioned wether or not to buy the dual lens kit or to forego the 40-150mm and just buy the camera w/ 14-42mm lens. Then, at some point,, buy a legacy long zoom lens

I saw some images this morning taken with the 40-150mm that reinforce in my mind that buying the dual kit is the right way to go:


Even if you don't agree, the photos are pretty good.

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Excellent link, Zig-

Sometimes it is cheaper to buy without the two lens kit and to pick up the 40-150mm later at a bargain price. I have purchased 40-150mm lenses as cheaply as $47 on E-Bay. It just depends who is interested at the time of the sale.

Sarah Joyce
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Thanks for the advice everyone, and awesome pics using that zoom lens. To answer some questions, I do use the longer end most of the time, so getting the dual kit does make sense. Most of the time in the long end when I'm shooting stage performances, I use manual focus, since AF on low light isn't fast enough. When I do use manual focus, I turn off the assist mostly because of lag/low fps on the EVF when the second screen pops up. It's fast in daylight, but it goes down to like 10fps in indoors. Looks like I will be planning to get the dual kit lens.

I looked at both 30/50mm Sigmas and they cost as much as the dual lens kit themselves! I've been watching a bunch on eBay, and the OM usually ends up at around $20-$30. Is the only con about the OM the difficulty of manually focusing an f/1.8 without AF? Also, what does "macro" being tacked on a lens mean and how does it help with focusing? I'd like to be using it as a portrait and low light, but I guess the 40-150mm can cover the portrait for now. Thanks again.

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i have the 520 and use a om 50mm f1.8 and a om 28 mm f 2.8. the only reason i can do this is becuase the lens adapter i bought of ebay for 30 bucks has an autofocus confirmation chip in it. It works really well and makes the OM glass very easy to focus and use.

But as shown above by numerous people. the 40-150 lens is worth every penny you spend on it. i would not pass on it.
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