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Originally Posted by cshanaberger View Post
if your shooting landscapes you are going to need something very interesting in the foreground because mid range & background are rendered extremely small.
Charles, it depends on what you're shooting. The UWAs are really helpful for medium-range landscapes - see my previous post here:


I couldn't have fit that subject (my house) into a reasonable frame without a UWA.

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Ted, your example & Greg's example are perfect uses for the 9-18mm, & I do carry mine, it definitely "requires discipline" in using it because it is very easy to get to much clutter in the frame which gets cropped out in post defeating the purpose of having the ultra wide. I shoot a lot of landscapes & waterfalls for personal work but in the terrain I shoot local there is just to much clutter that creeps in at 9mm. If I were shooting coastal scenes or western mountains I would get a lot more use out of it I suspect.
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Default 9-18 User Here

I purchased the 9-18 for my trip to Israel. Because of the close quarters of the cities and narrow alleys I found the 9-18 very useful. I liked it because it gave me the ability to get really wide but have a reasonable 18 mm if needed. One problem with the other wides is the size. The 9-18 is pretty small and therfore easily carried around. If you are backpacking or hiking this can be a very handy feature. I was able to carry the 9-18, 14-42, and 70-300 and have most ranges covered (rarely used the 70-300 though). I found that I often used the 9-18 and 40-150 in combination because of the small size. The distortion at 9-18 is pretty minimal but it did have a degree of softness at the edges that was more than acceptable given the size and price. For the combination I was shooting, narrow streets, and ruins along the coast that the 9-18 spent most of the time on my camera.

All of the other comments about needing to be very close are true and it takes a little adjustment time. The one thing it doesn't do well is shoot people. You can freak them out a bit.

Here is a very good link for UWA use. It would help out regardless of which you decide to buy. Good luck and have fun.

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Originally Posted by jacobt View Post
Greg, thanks for the comparison between the 2 lenses. The 9mm view is definitely much wider than the 12mm. But I'm a little concern about the edge distortion and the image quality of the 9-18mm.

Decisions, decisions...
I just haven't seen enough of anything to be too concerned about the image quality of the 9-18, whether looking at the images I have shot with it, or comparing them to files I shot with the 7-14 f4 Zuiko.

If you point it anywhere other than straight ahead and dead-level, or include anything up really close, you are going to see super wide angle-related distortion with any super wide, like these shot with the $1,500 7-14..

The Eiffel Tower is not either this fat..

...or this thin..

Here's an even better extreme shot with the 7-14..#33 is my daughter..

Images I've shot with the 9-18 look fine to me looking at the full frame..

Or down in the corners..

Top center..

Lower right..

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Hi Greg,

You're just too good. You just proved the point that no matter what lens you used, the photographer always plays a major role in the final output results.

I was about to order the 11-22mm for my wide coverage, but I may change my mind now
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