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Hi Steven,
Glad you chimed in as I knew you used a 40-150mm lens. Just didn't know what version.

These Pelican images are absolutely first rate.

And yes, I think this is an interesting discussion as, so often times, were all looking for that special lens or attachment we haven't got and believe that we're somehow unable to create the 'perfect' image ( I guess I'm speaking for myself more than anyone else).

It goes back to understanding what you have and knowing how to get the most out of it.


So you want to be a better photographer? Open your eyes and take a look at what is all around you.
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It all brings back memories. $630 is what I paid for the old E500 and its two lenses. I hit the field comming from a Fuji S7000, and what a difference. The DSLR set me free!!!

More from the E500/40-150

I remember posting some of these pics on another forum at Steve's in defense of Oly DSLRs only to have another poster (professional) warn that the lens used was way over entry level and I shouldn't post such pics as they would have to spend another $1000 on a lens to be able to get shots like that. Truth was I spent less than the Canon entry level camera with the 18-55 kit lens.

Ahhh, the good ol' days

I currently have the new 40-150 as the long lens to the EPL kit. As Steven's pelican pics show, it is a very capable performer, and that plastic mount mentioned earlier has never been a problem for me. I'll take the weight and size advantage for packing with the Pen.

Anyway, Oly's two lens kits.... You don't have to pay alot to get alot.

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....well, my two lenses came in the E-300 package, 2005, and both have a place in the bag, either is good enough except for FL for what I shoot.

E-300 40-150 ..... blow this one up to the point the plane markings are readable, amazing the amount of detail captured @ 150mm

....these were done with the E-300, one with the 14-45, one with the 14-54, if I didn't know which I would need to see the exif data.

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Originally Posted by zig-123 View Post
Often times the lens you have is more capable than you think. A great example of this is this link to a series of images all taken with the 40-150mm version I


I want to know how the photographer captured that bee hovering in midair, in focus. A continuous burst, and prayer?

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When I moved from the E500 to the E520 ... I kept my 40-150 mk1 and gave away the 14-45 who came with it when I sold the 500. I still use the 40-150 a lot (ok, a bit less since I now have the 12-60, but it still in my bag at least 50% of the time)!
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You guys showed some really clean photos with this lens, so I had to take mane out again. To try and prove to myself that my soft shots were just beginers (bad) luck.
My overall results 'again' were really disappointing! You guys know when you take a shot and it 'feels' good, it looks pretty reasonable on the LCD and I thought OK, better.
But on screen....Not so good.
I post some up later today.
"You are who you pretend to be."
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