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Zig, sorry didn't post earlier but just got back from 2 days in Ohio, looks like everyone has got you pretty much covered. The only thing I would add is since you are new to doing it(senior portraits), keep it as simple as possible even if it means using an automatic mode. You can always build up your portraits from what you will learn on this upcoming shoot.
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Good morning Charles,

Thanks for the response and those are good words to live by for tomorrow, when Brendan and I meet.


So you want to be a better photographer? Open your eyes and take a look at what is all around you.
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Originally Posted by Mark1616 View Post
You are welcome. I now shoot everything important in RAW + jpg when doing a wedding or portrait session (don't bother for landscapes and fun stuff etc), I don't always use the RAW but it's good to have and helpful when doing a series to match colour. I also always use the flash white balance setting for outdoor work no matter if using flash or not, it gives a nice traditional look to the shots. Obviously with RAW you can choose what you like after the fact.

Here is a great link for understanding a male v female pose (and other helpful posing ideas)..... females are easier to pose, harder to light, males need a masculine pose so you have to be careful with the head.

Mark I am interested how you set that up so that the flash was dominant. It really pops the subject.
Paul G.

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Originally Posted by turbines View Post
Mark I am interested how you set that up so that the flash was dominant. It really pops the subject.
Hi Paul, I'm shooting with the flash on manual, if I remember at about 1/8th power and then I use the manual zoom on the flash to make it 105mm which focuses the beam of light in on the subject rather than getting lost in the surroundings. For this sort of shot I use manual everything. The exposure of the subject with flash is controlled with the flash power, ISO and aperture, I can then adjust the amount of ambient light of the background by changing the shutter speed. This has no affect on the subject (assuming i don't go to such a low shutter speed that makes the subject over exposed) as the subject is being lit by the very fast pulse of light from the flash. Doesn't matter if I use 1/30s or 1/200s, the subject stays the same but the background will go from lighter to darker.

I used basically the same setup in this shot http://forums.steves-digicams.com/pe...set-beach.html
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