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zig-123 Sep 1, 2010 6:04 AM

something to read w/your morning coffee
Another perspective on the upcoming release of a Olympus DSLR:


Steven R Sep 1, 2010 7:44 AM

thanks for the info zig. I was just at that site yesterday morning and this is a very recent post as it was not there yesterday. It is true that Oly puts out different prototypes with different features; it will be interesting to find out which features make the final cut.

piXelatedEmpire Sep 2, 2010 3:11 AM


I've been of the opinion and remain of the opinion that there will possibly be two new cameras introduced to follow the E-1 and E-3 legacy. Logic tells me that FourThirds is dead. If I was the product manager at Olympus I'd say "merge" the technologies and go to one common lens platform. This means that the new camera MUST be modular in some form. It must take both legacy FourThirds and Micro FourThirds. Introducing just a FourThirds E-3 type of body doesn't sell lenses. Who will be buying more FourThirds lenses for a dying platform and why buy Micro FourThirds lenses that wouldn't fit?
This makes a fair bit of sense.

It also makes me sad.

HarjTT Sep 2, 2010 12:39 PM

Hi Zig

Yeah its an interesting read and another perspective on what may or may not be coming. Now a few things in his list are certain but whether we see them in a FT cam I don't know:

1. Rolling Shutter - Pana have confirmed that the AG-AF100 will have this and theres a rumour among the DV crowd that the GH2 may also get it. Whether Pana will lic. this to Oly before they've introduced it themselves is another thing but if the new sensor needs it then it'd be a great new feature.

2. New Panasonic sensor - again thats been confirmed by Pana for the AG-AF100 but whether it'll be the same that appears in the GH2/m43 and FT at the sametime is another story. However, there's a number of DV pro's already stating that they will be buying both the AF100 and the GH2, with the GH2 as a back up video cam even if the Gh2 is priced at the 2k mark as long as it has the same sensor and rolling shutter!

3. Over sized sensor - we have that already for the GH1 and I think we can safely assume that the follow up will have it as well. I still think oly should have used that in an upgraded E3 last year. Again, will Oly use an oversized sensor in regular FT is anyones guess.

4. Touchscreen - yeah I can see that happening for M43 and E4xx/5xx/6xx/3x but for the EX series I don;t know.

5. Modular design - that was an interesting idea and likely if they plan on halting FT development in the future.

6. Rotating Sensor - seems pretty cool but I wouldn't have a clue why you;d want it.

7. EVF - I'm not sure whether the Ex would be first for an EVF but you never know. My thoughts are that for the flagship cam OVF would stay but for the 4xx/5xx/6xx series that they would be the first to go EVF.

Kodak sensor with 18 stops - that one has to be a joke. unless Kodak have done something really special! Consider that the Nikon D3 has about 8.6 F stops, Sony Alpha A900 - 9.4 and the Canon 5D MK2 *.4.

What did surprise me was the GH1 has just 7.8 stops but the E620 9.2 stops of DR !!



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