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Originally Posted by zig-123 View Post

Just took a look images displayed in your recent post in the Olympus micro four thirds forum on using the E-PL1/70-300mm lens at the Botanical Gardens.

As with all your images, these are outstanding. The reason I make mention of it in this post is simply that, speaking for myself only, if the new E-x dslr can consistently produce output like that - with the same sensor as found in the E-PL1, then I've no complaints.

That last image of the Great Blue Heron would be framed and on my wall-if it were mine.

I have the greatest admiration for the E-3's sensor. I had great respect for the E-1 that came before that. Allow me the delusion of thinking the E-x series offers that little something that makes a great photograph.

All that aside, the E-PL1 has me doing something I never thought I'd do with an Olympus body. Always before, I'd shoot at base ISO by strong preference, and I'd only modify that under the most extreme circumstances. I was uncomfortable with the E-3 hitting ISO 800, as the results could be seen in the final product. With the E-PL1, I shoot on AUTO ISO, and it can go to ISO 1600 any time it wants. I look at the final photo, and have the greatest difficulty telling if it was high or low ISO. It easily does a stop better, and perhaps a stop and a half.

We have a short wait to see what Olympus will do, or not do in the next flagship. I, for one, will not turn up my nose at the EPL sensor, even if I think it doesn't outdo the E-3 at base ISO. Anything better will be extra icing on the cake.


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