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Originally Posted by zig-123 View Post
Hi Steven,
Never thought of it that way. but, now that you mention it it does look like that.

I think the first 2 images reinforce, in my mind, that the sensor and processor of the E-30 can certainly resolve the detail that the 50-200mm captures.

I only wish I had the 50-200mm SWD to compare against the ED version.

I love the pics, Zig. Since I like up colse and personal, I like the first Jay shot best.

As to the difference in the SWD vs non-SWD, they are hardly even worth mentioning as far as IQ is concerned. The only thing I've really noticed is bright highlights that are out of focus. The non-SWD shows the blades of the aperture when well stopped down more than the non-SWD. Sharpness, color, contrast, and the rest are the same in my two copies.

The SWD is quieter, somewhat faster, and perhaps a little more jittery in C-AF. I still hate the fiipp'n bigger, hard plastic hood on the SWD. That's a negative, unless you use a polarizer.

Both the 50-200's are great. Its a lens that would be missed if I didn't shoot Oly.

As to the other systems, I used the D3x (I think, its the high pixel count version) with the 600 f4, and the focus lock and tracking was so far above my E-3 that I couldn't really pretend to measure up. I'd have to give up some great glass and trying to equal it with Nikkors would be expensive. I made the choice to keep what I've got.


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Hi Greg,

Thanks for your insights on the 50-200mm lenses. Not having ever used the SWD version made me think that it must be significantly superior.

I don't feel as much pressure to update my ED version now that you and Texas Greg () have filled me in on how small the differences are between the two.

Can't say yet if I've decided to just stick with Olympus. My investment in glass pales in comparison to what you've invested. I keep researching, reading, and looking at alternatives. But, they all lead me back to the conclusion that regardless of whatever I choose, compromises will be involved.

So you want to be a better photographer? Open your eyes and take a look at what is all around you.
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....me too Zig!

I agree that it is really the results one's present gear produces that matters and the E-30 is presenting such excellent results with the ZD lenses that moving to the E-5 would need to bring some pretty spectacular improvement(s).

The images above are more samples of excellence..... most of us only wish for making such quality & detailed photos.
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Originally Posted by zig-123 View Post

I had no idea you were soooo OLD!

Come to think of it, I'm 61 yrs old too.

You bloody kids...
"You are who you pretend to be."
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