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As of now you have to either conect your camera to the computer or remove the card and use a card reader. Either way you have to stop shooting. Wifi would just be a 3rd way of transfering images. Not a big deal now but things move pretty quickly in this digital age

Just wait a while and this will be a regular feature, who'd a thunk of this this when we had our OM's and Kodakchrome?

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Popular Photography magazine has had some articles on this. (the print version, not the internet version.) Some months back they tested and liked the San Disk card and a big 1TB hard drive as part of their home network system. As the 1TB hard drive had an address, they could download back to their home computer from any location in the country that had wi-fi internet access. Don't remember all the technical details, as I don't have the magazine in front of me.
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[QUOTE=Scouse;1162496]Just wait a while and this will be a regular feature, who'd a thunk of this this when we had our OM's and Kodakchrome?

Yes, it will. The other regular feature will be an internal GPS, that will stamp the EXIF with the locatiion of the photo. Dunno how friendly that will be since it presumably will be longitude and latitude. Maybe new versions of EXIF readers will be able to convert that to a name of a town, etc. but that won't be free. GPS units for travel use a 3rd-party database to convert the long/lat to a location on a map and you paid for that database when you bought the GPS.

I'd be more interested in the wifi flash card if not for the fact that I do a lot of cybersecurity for federal agencies, and thus have learned enough that I don't use wireless in my network at home...

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