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I kind of wonder if the Canon/Nikon service department will have done the same thing ... hum ... probably not since you will have been one of way too many ...
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I'm just glad the whole thing is almost over. The 25mm Leica I was thinking of picking up will have to wait. I've got my fingers crossed that the 300mm will test out well on the E-5. That might need to be serviced too, but I'll know soon.

As to my understanding of the service of Olympus vs other brands, all I can say is I'll be shooting again within two weeks of sending it off, and from comments I heard about the other guys, they offer pro service loaners but fast turn around isn't the norm.

I trashed a $1700 camera 24 hours after I got it. Olympus service would have been well within their rights to kick me loose and left me to fend for myself. The fact they chose to lessen the impact means a great deal to me. I've got musch invested and the equipment has performed flawlessly. It took an accident to need service, and I don't baby my stuff. I have the highest reguard for Olympus equipment, and now I hold their service in very high esteem.

By next weekend I should be shooting with the new E-5, and until then I should get out with the E-3. I've been so busy at work and a day of shooting this weekend will do me wonders.

I should also spend some time getting the dog out for a different kind of shooting. I wiffed the pheasant that we got up when I got a couple hours in the field this week, and the grouse woods would do the dogs and me good, and I can check out the Pettenwell dam for eagle shooting this winter.

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.....this is really good to hear Greg.

I've had one experience with Olympus service, I was very pleased with how my need was handled.

Do get back into the field, I remember 'whiffing' many pheasant & quail in my past years, do get the dogs out and give us a new late Fall sampling of photos...... looking forward to them.


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Glad to hear this, Greg, and a better outcome than I would have expected.
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