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Originally Posted by tkurkowski View Post
Thanks, guys.

For those of you who don't know what it took to sail across the oceans on sailing ships, take a look at this photo.

To set the sails (let them out or pull them back in) required that you stand on the ropes (highlighted by the red arrows above) that went along and below the spars. No problem on a nice day like this. How about in the north Atlantic in a severe storm with the ship rolling back and forth, and ice on everything including what you're standing on? And how would you feel if you didn't know how to swim? (Most sailors in the days of sail didn't - the US Navy was one of the first maritime organizations to institute swimming lessons for sailors but not until the early part of the 20th century).

If you live in the New World (i.e. North America) then this is the heritage of the people that got your ancestors here.


PS: Before I get grief from Ken (and cursed by Poseidon), I have to add that the term "rope" wasn't and isn't used by mariners. The term is "line" - I just used the word rope so more folks would know what I meant.
Actually, much as it pains me , I have to say that you're correct with the term 'rope' in this case.

There are seven ropes on a ship: foot rope, bolt rope, bucket rope, bell rope, tow rope, head rope, becket rope.

Excellent photos, Just love those 'old' ships. In later years from the mid 1700's, "Most" folk from Europe sailed from my home port of Liverpool. They'd travel from their homes and towns to pick up the "Packet ships" that sailed that regulary from Liverpool to New York or to all points in the new world. Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. They have a really good maritime museum there at the Albert Dock.
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