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Hi Gary

Have to agree with the others on this one.. get the 11-22 - its a known quantity and optically its a cracker but can we say the same for the Sigma ?

I'm sure the 10-22 is a nice lens but as good as the Zukio ? I don;t know until we've seen some samples.



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Hi Gary, I didn't comment at the beginning as I don't own the Sigma 10-20mm lens nor have tried one out. But now, with the conversation turning towards the Olympus lenses offerings, If I were to get just one wide angle lens, I'd opt for the 9-18mm which provides a 100-62 degree angle of view as opposed to the 11-22mm which provides an 89 to 53 degree angle of view.

If the purpose of the lens is to be used for wide angle shooting, then I'd get the lens that offers the widest angle of view.

My .02 worth


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I don't know what you want the uwa for but if it's infrequent, have you tried just doing panoramas? if the quality suits you it costs nothing. and in fact is a lot of fun and very flexible.
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Thanks, everyone, for your input. I'm not really "shopping" for a UWA lens. I came across a Sigma on eBay but got outbid (actually, sniped). I only pony up that kind of cash when it's almost a give-away. It's good to know the options should I ever NEED an UWA. And, Frank, I do, indeed, do panos in lieu of the UWA lens and find them quite satisfactory to my needs. Thanks, again, to everyone. This kind of information is really helpful. I'm sure others that are in the market for this type of lens will appreciate the info.
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