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Originally Posted by JimC View Post
Well... there's nothing stopping you from using third party raw conversion tools, noise reduction tools, etc. ;-)

IOW, even if Olympus restricts features you can use in it's raw converter with a given camera model, you've got lots of alternatives (Lightroom, Bibble, DxO Optics Pro, etc.). The E-5 is relatively new. So, it may take a while before more products support it. But, chances are, that won't take very long.

That is one nice thing about shooting raw. As technology improves (demosaic algorithms, noise reduction algorithms, highlight recovery algorithms, lens correction algorithms, etc.), you can always go back and reprocess cherished images later for even better results.

It's amazing how sophisticated some of the newer algorithms are becoming (for example, where you can see a *lot* of noise with a basic raw conversion using something like dcraw.c, yet end up with a relatively clean and detailed output using the very sophisticated noise reduction algorithms showing up in newer software).

Oh, yeah, I understand completely. And as you said there are a number of improvements that are in the camera and can't be restricted. But at the same time it is always interesting to see the dirty tricks camera makers adopt to make the newer stuff look even better. And this isn't restricted to olympus, of course, as all brands do it.
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