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Default UWA vision

I'll be interested in seeing what you do with the 8mm FE. I have played with it some but not at all since I got the 7-14. I mostly enjoy landscape photography and the 7-14 is perfect for that. Our human binocular eyesight has a huge DOF and with peripheral vision, a UWA field of view. The 7-14 is the one lens that creates the image I'm actually seeing with my eyes. I don't necessarily always want a photo to be as wide as my eyesight's FOV, but with landscape photography I usually do.

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This fisheye is quite the massive lens. Makes the 50mm f2 look small. The front element is pretty darn close to just as impressive as the 7-14. Feels like it's made of all-metal, with the same type of friction front cap as used on the 7-14. The first view through the finder made my brain float.
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Hi Greg,
Congrats on picking up the 8mm FE lens. Like Ted, I'm looking forward to you posting a few images with this lens.

So you want to be a better photographer? Open your eyes and take a look at what is all around you.
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