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Each camera has it's pluses and minuses, and if I needed ISO 10,000 or more I'd be using such a camera, but I used to shoot with ISO64 and ISO25 (actually called ASA in those days)...I've never shot on any of my Olys to the maximum ISO...in fact I wished I could turn down the ISO!

Having used a Nikon just recently (not by choice) hasn't improved my opinion of them.

Anyway, remember the article is from Popular Photographer...nothing more needs to be said on that subject.
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Mike, agree with you about the low ISO performance, I think as there's no way a crop/FT sensor is going to acheive those ubher high ISO's of the FF cam's that Oly should have aimed at having a really clean low ISO sensor - it'd be ideal for in studio.

On a slightly different note I think Oly should have taken a leaf out of Leica's book and produced something along the lines of the S2, a super FT E+ system, keep the camera the same size as the E3/E5, lic the S2's sensor from Kodak, or get Pana/Sony to design and manufacture and pair that up with a couple of new high end Zukio's - versions of the 14-35 and the 35-100 and they'd be good to go. Aim it at the syudio .. fashion shooters or those that don;t need super fast AF and as long as they don;t screw up the marketing I'd think theyd sell pretty well.

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